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North Idaho's Best Pop-up Children's Resale
  • Clean up & Cash in

    Helping North Idaho families sell the items their kids have outgrown—all in one place at one time.

Clean up & Cash in

Helping North Idaho families sell the items their kids have outgrown—all in one place at one time.
Two friends shop together—one mom wears her baby girl—as they find great deals at their local JBF sale.

​Seller Drop off and Pick up


This is for consignors who have signed-up with JBF Spokane, have a consignor number and have tagged and prepped all their items for the sale.
If you have heavy items to unload we would be glad to help you.

Allow about 1 hour to complete the drop off and inspection process.

Drop and Go Consignor!

We are offering a new quick and easy drop off for all consignors who choose to DONATE ALL their unsold items when the sale ends.  DONATE ALL consignors will check in at a special side door and then just drop off their prepped and tagged items.  That's it!  We will inspect and put out all your items for you!  

Drop off times



In order to prepare for the presale we cannot accept items after 3:00pm.

  • You can make as many trips in the building as you need to drop off your items. 
  • First you will check in at the computer and then be asked to sign a consignor waiver. We will have extra waivers at drop off for you too. If you are dropping off items for a friend you will need to bring their signed waiver with you.
  • You will be able to make several trips to your car to bring in all your items once you have been assigned an inspector.
  • Receive your consignor pick up form explaining the pick up process and your pick up time. You will need this form to pick up your items and any one elses items you plan to pick up.
  • Receive your presale pass for you and 1 guest for the 5:00pm presale.
  • Your items will then be inspected to make sure they meet JBF standards. Sort items according to gender and size for speedy hanging. Double check items before inspection. Be sure tags, hangers and items will clear JBF inspection (see merchandise prep for more info). Items tagged not hung and tagged properly will not be accepted.
  • You will then be asked to set out acceptable items on the sales floor. We will have signs to give you directions and the staff can help you when they are not busy with inspection.
  • After accepted items have been set out on the sales floor you will then pick up your unaccepted items. You can choose to donate those items to our charity partner or take them home with you.

    ​NEW-- We no longer accept teen clothing.  The biggest size allowed will be 16 for tweens.   We will accept teen shoes and for the fall sale teen coats and costumes. 


    If you DO NOT wish to have your unsold items donated. Items WILL BE SORTED for your convenience. Our breakdown and sort is a step by step process. It takes a large team to sort consignors unsold items.

    Allow about 30 min to complete the pick up process. 

    Pick up times


    Please do not come before 7:30pm to pick up your unsold items. They will not be fully sorted until that time.


      As most of you have seen, JBF Spokane has been growing and continues to grow!  We had a massive consignor growth last sale that has prompted us to make some changes in how we do our sort and pick up process.  In order to have an accurate and complete sort and pick up, we are going to use the Alpha Sort Method the MUCH larger JBF Sale in Tacoma has been successfully using for years.  We tested this process at our fall N Idaho sale and had a great outcome!

      ALL consignors (even top consignors) items will be sorted into zones now.

        Zone 1 Clothes (Fully individually sorted for each consignor)
        Zone 2 Books (Alpha sorted just to the first consignor letter)
        Zone 3 Shoes (Alpha sorted just to the first consignor letter)
        Zone 4  Toys/layette/misc  (Alpha sorted just to the first consignor letter)
        Zone 5 Large items (Alpha sorted just to the first consignor letter)
        Zone 6 Unsaleable/ No Tag
        Zone 7  Checkout - items will be inspected by staff for accuracy/theft

      There are approximately 8 consignors per letter who choose to pick up instead of donate unsold items,  so you will be finding your items in each alpha sorted zone with 8 other consignors with that same letter.  Sorting all items fully for each consignor is taking us too long and is not as accurate as we would like it to be. YOU will be responsible for finding your items in each zone now. You know your items, and this process is much more efficient.  We will have maps and lots of signage at pick up too.   This process will take a little more time to pick up so plan your time accordingly and bring a helper.  Feel free to ask us questions at drop off too. 

    • Your check for your sold items will be mailed to you in about 1 week.
    • If you cannot pick up your unsold items yourself, you may send someone else to do so for you. Please fill out the bottom portion of the consignor pick up form granting them permission to pick up your items. Please note-This person may not be able to recognize your items as well as you therefore, if any of your items have been put in the no tag or unsaleable area at pick up, they may not recognize them as yours.

    All items not picked up by 9:01pm will be donated to our charity partner.

    NO TAG (items that have lost their tags during the sale)

    UNSALEABLE AREA (items that were removed from the sales floor because they were out of season, broken, torn or stained)

Tricycles, scooters and toys lined up on a table waiting for shoppers to attend the sale.

Get started today

  1. Sign up to sell. Consignors earn 60% and there is a $15 fee taken out of your check. 
  2. Price your items—we'll show you how
  3. Drop off, shop early & get paid

We know how fast kids grow out of everything—it's overwhelming!

Mom wears baby and holds toddler boy clothes in each hand. Second mom shops behind her from the racks of boys clothes.

When you sell your items at JBF, you earn 60% and a $15 fee is taken out of your final check. You set your own prices and watch your check grow each day of the sale in your online tagging account. 

At JBF you can sell an entire season of items all in one place at one time—you drop them off, everything is organized by size and type on the sales floor, and you get to shop early which means the best selection at the lowest prices! After the sale, you choose to pick up or donate your unsold items to our Charity Partner. You win, your kids win and our community wins!


Selling at JBF makes sense

Earn cash back

Less clutter = less stress

Recycle by reselling

Sell more in less time

All sellers shop early

Unsold items donated locally

A smiling Team Member stands behind a rack of toddler girl's clothing at the sale.

Want a quick and easy drop off? 
​Try our Drop & Go

We are offering a new quick and easy drop off for all consignors who choose to DONATE ALL their unsold items when the sale ends.  DONATE ALL consignors will check in at a special side door and then just drop off their prepped and tagged items.  That's it!  We will inspect and put out all your items for you!  Donated items will go to Cup of Grace in Northern Idaho. 


What our Sellers say

Don't take our word for it—see what Sellers love most about participating in JBF sales, season after season.

Mom holds daughter who is sleeping in her arms while she shops the local JBF sale.
"I love that my used items are being given new life and not going into a landfill. Also, that I can make back some of my hard earned $$."

Amanda M • JBF Seller

Beautiful mom holds two boys tops—one in each hand—as she shops the deals at her local sale.
 "It's quick and I can clean out closets and find new clothes for the next season."

Leoni P • JBF Seller

Mom holds hand up to show of rows and rows of clothing for sale at 50 to 90% off retail prices!
"I sold most of my items and made a decent amount of money. Plus I love shopping early!"

Kim P • JBF Seller

Two masked moms—one holding a child with a mask, the other pregnant—shop for their families at the local JBF sale.
"The payoff selling at JBF is much higher than taking baby and kid items to local resale shops."

Catrina K • JBF Seller


Selling by the numbers

We are thrilled to be able to help so many local families each sale. What can you expect when you sell with us? The results are really up to you! Here are some average numbers from our most recent sales.

Average Seller Check


Average payout to JBF Sellers. Some make a bit less, some make a LOT more, depending on how many items they bring and how they price to sell.

Number of shoppers


Thousands of local families shop the  sale. We promote heavily to draw as many families to shop the savings.

Items donated to charity


Our sellers can choose to donate unsold items after the sale to Helping Hands—our local partner charity. THANK YOU for your amazing generosity!